The Bandora Project

UPDATE 7/9/2016

We are tremendously pleased to announce that the bandora is finished, and it’s gorgeous! A huge thank you to luthier Bill Good who has poured hours of his life into building the instrument, and to all of you for helping make this happen.

Plans for our CD are well underway. Nathaniel Cox will be playing the new bandora, Mark Rimple is joining us on cittern, and tenor Michael Barrett will be our featured singer. On September 1, we’ll head to Rotary Records in Springfield, MA under the discerning ears of director Doug Freundlich and recording engineer Warren Amerman. After editing and production, we hope to debut the new album later this Fall!

None of this could have happened without the amazing response that our Indiegogo campaign received; 85 donors helped us raise almost $10,000! We’re hoping to raise another $2000 by the time we go into the studio (click here to find out how you can help…), but in the meantime we’d like to thank all those who helped us get this far, particularly those who donated at the patron ($100) level and above:

Anonymous (5)
Esther Breslau
Jackson Bryce
Marjorie Burciaga
Rick and Becky Burciaga      
Laurie Cuttino
Guy Damecourt
Harry F. Grabenstein
Lilo Harpur
Amanda Keil
Theodore J. Koth
Frances L. Labaree
Anne Legéne
Anne H. Matthews
Anne Mayer
Scott Metcalfe
Linda L. Meyers
Jeanne W. Pounder
Katie Pugliese
David Schreiber
Matthew and Cathy Stein
Jan Stetson
Sheri Throop
George M. Wright

Thanks so much to all who donated, and keep an eye on this space for more updates as our project moves forward!