What the critics are saying about Seven Times Salt:

“All was performed with a keen sense for authenticity. . .I’d change nothing about this talented young group.”
–Bloomington Herald-Times

“Their understanding of the repertoire and its context truly brought the music to life…tasteful ornamentation and subtle yet effective articulation. . .[a] well-blended and impeccably balanced sound.”
–American Recorder Society Magazine

“Brightly and lovingly performed…This group best exemplifies the fact that you don’t have to have been born in the 17th century to love this music…Sweet, indeed.”
–Richard Knisely, former host of “Classical Performances”, WGBH Radio Boston


. . .And a few comments from audience members:

“. . .Something a little bit different, but still extremely beautiful. . .I like to call [it] ‘Renaissance-funky’.”
–from a wedding for which STS provided the music

“HOORAY for creative programming, grand musicianship, and beautiful voices.”
–from an email commenting on our “Brave Barrel of Oysters” program

“What a wonderful concert and what an inspired and inspiring program you gave us. . .I think the concept of reading texts from the period along with closely related music has special value for modern audiences.”
–from a letter written to us by a historian who specializes in 17th-century European and American history

“. . . Truly a delight! The readings from the Diary were exceptional and pieced together perfectly with the different music of Sam’s time. . .The joy of the music is that it helped to add a whole new dimension to Sam’s Diary. . . In addition to being wonderfully talented and creative musicians, Seven Times Salt added a much richer appreciation of Sam’s love of music for me. Even my husband (who was so kind to be ‘dragged along’) was amazed at the diverse instruments, the arrangements and the wonderful selections of readings. “
–from a review at